A power tailgate that will make your heart go

2023-01-06 14:22

Since the beginning of this year, the intelligent electric tailgate has been popular in the entire automotive aftermarket, whether you believe it or not, anyway, I believe it. The power tailgate shines at several major domestic automobile modification or supplies exhibitions, and it is also an important magic weapon to attract attention at the auto show. The heat of the electric tailgate is still fermenting, and it is foreseeable that the upcoming 2017 will definitely be a new profit growth point for the electric tailgate to detonate the automobile aftermarket and achieve leapfrog development.

Lu Chang, who is aiming at the timing of the attack, joins the army of electric tailgate this time, let's see what will be different. After the editor's evaluation experience, I was a little moved. If your impression of the power tailgate is still stuck in luxury cars or high-end cars equipped with artifacts, then you are very wrong. Use thousands to modify the smart power tailgate and use tens of thousands to upgrade the high or top configuration, needless to say, you know what choice the owner will make.

One touch changes lives

Take a look at a few scenes of daily life below, do you feel familiar? The emergence of the power tailgate meets the needs of car owners in a timely manner and resolves embarrassment. Imagine an elegant, generous, beautiful and lovely soft girl walking to the back of the car, stretching her hands and tiptoeing but unable to reach the tall and heavy tailgate of the car, the look of eagerness and chagrin but powerlessness did not want to step forward to help her. Lu Chang intelligent electric tailgate decisively plays the role of "hero saving beauty", just one touch, the tailgate automatically opens/closes.